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Collect FordPass Rewards in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

If you drive a new Ford, odds are you’re well acquainted with the convenient connectivity offered via the FordPass smartphone app. From remotely starting your vehicle to booking service appointments, FordPass is a simple way to stay on top of your vehicle and make your life easier. Of course, if you think things can’t get any better than that you’d be wrong. Enter FordPass Rewards, a membership that allows you to earn and redeem rewards points you can use to help offset the cost of service, accessories, and even a new Ford! Read on to learn more with Fort Saskatchewan’s Heartland Ford.

How to register for FordPass Rewards

Once you’ve purchased a new Ford vehicle and installed the FordPass app on your smartphone, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the FordPass Rewards program. Of course, you can also go to the Ford Canada website, ask a member of the team at Heartland Ford, or utilize the chat feature in the FordPass app to speak to one of the app’s FordGuides to create an account or learn more about FordPass Rewards Points! In fact, if you purchase a new Ford vehicle you’ll immediately earn a Thank-You Bonus consisting of 40,000 Rewards Points you can apply to service or your next new Ford.

Track FordPass Rewards Points

Inside the FordPass app, you’ll be able to watch as you accumulate Rewards Points with every purchase made at a participating dealership. Whether that’s looking for a new Ford for your partner, an oil change, or a parts and accessories purchase like the Ford Winter Performance Package, you’ll collect points for future use. It will also track how you use your FordPass Rewards Points as well, so you’ll always have a record you can pull up instantly on your phone.

Redeem your FordPass Rewards Points on vehicle service

Proper (and regular) vehicle maintenance is a huge step toward ensuring your Ford vehicle performs its best, and retains its value for longer. Thankfully, you’ll earn FordPass Rewards Points every time you service your vehicle at a participating dealership. Once you’ve earned enough Points, you’ll be able to use those same Points to discount the cost of service at your preferred FordPass Rewards dealership—a dealership like Heartland Ford! By simply signing up for FordPass Rewards and following the suggested maintenance schedule, you’ll save money on vehicle service over time.

Ford Owner Advantage™ Rewards

Ford’s Owner Advantage Rewards (OAR) program has ended, and FordPass Rewards is the new preferred method of collecting and redeeming points associated with your Ford vehicle. If you have Owner Advantage Rewards they’ll still be honoured in the immediate future, for the following time periods:

  • Dealer-funded Service Rewards will be migrated into FordPass Rewards Points of equivalent value, and will only expire after 365 days of account inactivity
  • Earned Oil Change coupons will be accepted at the Ford dealership that issued said coupon, until January 12th, 2023
  • New Vehicle Sales Rewards coupons will be accepted at the Ford dealership that issued said coupon, until July 16th, 2022

Not only does it provide major convenience in your everyday life, but you can earn future discounts on parts, vehicles, and service simply by using the FordPass app at participating dealerships, including Heartland Ford. Set up your FordPass app or FordPass Rewards account today, and you can enjoy future discounts simply for being a loyal Ford customer. And with a huge selection of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles, factory-trained service technicians, and the best parts and accessories designed specifically for your Ford, Heartland Ford is the premier destination for all things Ford—including FordPass Rewards Points! Give us a call or visit our dealership today!