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Throughout the site, we have a number of tools for you to use while shopping for your next vehicle. We have online inventories for all of our new and used models as well as pages for used car deals and the most fuel-efficient models.

To help you research your favorite Ford, we have model information pages with all of the model specifications and easy to use online finance tools to help you budget for your new Ford. Take advantage of our Heartland Ford Sales fuel savings calculator, payment calculator and trade-in estimator tools to get the Ford that fits your lifestyle and your wallet.

At Heartland Ford Sales we also offer the Fort Saskatchewan community a complete service department for vehicle repairs, maintenance and parts. Our technicians are trained to know all things Ford and help you ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle with recommendations for and services, parts, etc

Heartland Ford in the Community

"we take pride in supporting this great community"

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Called Heartland Ford for a reason. I've never been to a dealership where they genuinely care and put their heart into their work. Even tho what I was going thru was a horrible nightmare; they did everything in their power to get me the best of the best. After popping a tire in the worst…

Cassondra Buit

I have gotten to know Elvis out at Heartland Ford and can attest to his enthusiasm for their vehicles and honesty for the services they provide. Elvis is knowledgeable and will always listen to the customer. For great service - and a free breakfast any day of the week - ask for Elvis.

Tracy Spilde

Elvis at Heartland is full of heart. He is not your "typical" car sales guy. He's thoughtful, attentive to detail, and really looks after his clients best interests. It's not about the dollar, it's about meeting the needs of his clients.

Sherry Gibson-Walters

I had to get some warranty work done on my car. So while I was waiting I started looking at vehicles, as my husband was wanting a newer vehicle. The variety that we found was exceptional. We test drove a few, but the feel was right. So I talked to the sales manager and told…

Judy Schueler