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FordPass: Unparalleled Connectivity in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Our smartphones have made us more connected than ever, and while we can find drawbacks to this along with positives, the intelligently designed FordPass app easily falls in the latter category. Helping to keep you connected to your vehicle, whether through remote capabilities or simply helping you keep your Ford in top condition, FordPass is a revolutionary way to offer access to your vehicle—right at your fingertips. Read on to learn more about what FordPass is and what it offers!

What is FordPass

FordPass is a free app available on the Google Play or App Store that helps connect you to a variety of features found in your Ford. Simply go to the online store corresponding with your smartphone, search FordPass, and download the app. FordPass is available for all Ford vehicles from 2020 and on, while it can be found on select 2018 and 2019 Ford models.

What are the benefits of FordPass?

The FordPass app is an easy way to keep tabs on your vehicle, or access its remote functionality. Three of the most popular FordPass app functions are:

Remote Start

Want to avoid entering an uncomfortably cold car during one of Alberta’s harsh winters? Hoping to enter an air conditioned vehicle during the summer months? Simply open up the FordPass app, and you can start your vehicle and adjust the climate settings remotely at the touch of a button!

Lock & Unlock

If you’ve ever sat down inside a restaurant or a movie only to immediately wonder if you locked your vehicle, wonder no more. Remote locking and unlocking capabilities ensure you can check from your smartphone, saving you a trip to the parking lot or driveway.

Vehicle Location

FordPass logs your location when you park, so there’s no more wondering where you parked (or wandering through busy parkades). Simply open up the FordPass app and you’ll be able to pinpoint your exact location making it easy to find your Ford in even the most crowded of settings.


Of course, there are a variety of other FordPass features that will make owning, operating, and caring for your Ford a breeze, including:

  • Vehicle status check: Remotely check on key information like fuel and oil levels, vehicle health, tire pressure, and even warranty info
  • Roadside assistance: 24/7 roadside assistance is there for you in the event of an emergency
  • Trip planning: access information about the nearest dealership, gas station, restaurant, charging station, and more
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: turn your Ford into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices
  • Electric-vehicle support: access features like EV Trip Planner and the Blue Oval™ Charge Network for smart, electric-vehicle performance

FordPass Rewards

Not only does using FordPass add immeasurable day-to-day convenience, but thanks to the FordPass Rewards program you’ll be able to earn points you can redeem on service, accessories, and more. Click the link below to learn more about the rewards awaiting you simply for being a loyal Ford customer!


Available by phone or through the chat function of the FordPass app, FordGuides are able to help you navigate the app or any questions you may have. Whether you’re having trouble starting your vehicle remotely or enabling Ford SYNC® AppLink technology, need to reset your password, or anything else related to your Ford, a FordGuide is there to help.

To learn more about FordPass, or any of the vehicles you can find FordPass in, simply contact the team at Fort Saskatchewan’s Heartland Ford: the heart of all things Ford in Alberta. From our extensive new and pre-owned inventory, to vehicle financing, customization, service, and more, we’re always happy to help.

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