2023 Ford F-150 Lightning at Fort Saskatchewan’s Heartland Ford

Despite being the best-selling line of pickup trucks in Canada for more than 55 years, the Ford F-Series continues to innovate. Built to excel in tough Alberta conditions, the new 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is a fully electric truck that boasts the same strength, resilience, power, and versatility as its traditional gas and diesel counterparts. Heartland Ford in Fort Saskatchewan is proud to offer this groundbreaking and innovative pickup, which you can explore and test drive right here at our dealership.


Ford knows a thing or two about selling pickups, and they knew that no one would buy an electric truck for the novelty—it needs to get the job done. Well, from real-world durability testing over countless kilometres of tough terrain to the max targeted towing capacity of 10,000 lbs, the F-150 Lighting has the power to get the job done and then some. Add in a targeted maximum payload of 2,000 lbs., and the Lightning will be just as at home on the jobsite as any other pickup. 

This electric engine has some heft to it as well, with the available extended-range battery version offering up a targeted 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft of torque—making it good to go from 0 to 100 somewhere in the mid-4 second range. Not to mention 4×4 comes standard on the F-150 Lightning, making it capable of handling any roads no matter how rough.


The design of the Ford F-150 Lightning is classic F-Series, with a strong stance and rugged exterior. However, the most impressive design choices were made just slightly out of sight, starting with the Lightning’s semi-trailing arm independent suspension system, minimizing body roll and handling any bumps in the road with ease. The interior of this electrifying pickup offers a ton of smart storage solutions, along with an available Interior Work Surface that stows the shifter under a fold-out table—right in front of the available dash-mounted SYNC 4 system complete with a 15.5-inch portrait touchscreen.

Removing the large engine normally found in an F-150 and replacing it with two electric motors has created a wealth of space under the hood, in its place a front trunk offering hands-free access, four Pro Power Onboard 120 volt outlets, and both a USB-C and USB-A outlet. It also provides an industry best 400 litres of cargo space including 400 lbs. of payload capacity. Completely sealed, the front trunk will stay clean and help you stay organized thanks to its cargo management system, making the F-150 Lightning one of the most utilitarian trucks Ford has ever produced.

Safety & Technology

While the Ford F-150 Lightning will offer the same stellar advanced safety features you’ve come to expect from a Ford, it’s the advanced towing and hauling technology that’s really exciting. From the available Pro Trailer Assist feature to available onboard scales displaying payload information on the 15.5-inch touchscreen, the Lightning takes the guesswork out of towing. Add in the available Smart Hitch, Pro Trailer Backup Assist, and Trailer Reverse Guidance systems, and the Ford F-150 Lighting makes towing shockingly easy.

On the absolute cutting edge of pickup truck technology, the Ford F-150 Lightning is set to revolutionize pickup trucks as we know it. Stay tuned to Heartland Ford, or fill out the form below to find out more information about the F-150 Lightning and to reserve yours today!

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