Often known more for its off-road exploits, or capability on the job site, people seem to forget that every Ford is well-equipped to handle all facets of your life—including keeping you and your family safe. One of the new features Ford has implemented in their vehicles to help with this pursuit is Ford Rear Seat Occupant Alert, a series of sensors to ensure you don’t forget about anything in your back seat. Read on to learn more about this smart feature, not to mention which vehicles in the Ford model lineup you can find it in, with Fort Saskatchewan’s Heartland Ford!

How does Ford Rear Seat Occupant Alert work?

This smart feature utilizes an array of sensors to monitor any weight found in your vehicle’s rear seat. It starts by monitoring each trip, which it determines as when your rear doors have been opened and closed. Once a trip is over and your vehicle is turned off, you’ll receive a notification to check your rear seat if it detects any weight. This way, you won’t forget about anything in your backseat, whether it’s your child (we’ve all been there), a pet, or any important item. But don’t just take it from us, let the team at Ford Canada explain it in their own words:

Can you turn the Ford Rear Seat Occupant Alert off?

You can always disable this alert from your vehicle’s touchscreen, by finding the Settings tab, going into Vehicle, and then finding the Rear Seat Occupant Alert option. The system will actually remind every six months that the feature has been turned off, in case you want to re-engage it down the road. 

What Vehicles offer Ford Rear Seat Occupant Alert?

Ford has pledged to outfit every vehicle in its lineup with Rear Seat Occupancy Alert by the year 2025, adding a new level of safety to all of its vehicles. It can currently be found on models like the 2022 F-150 and Mustang Mach-E

To learn more about Ford Rear Seat Occupant Alert, or what other vehicles it can be expected on in the near future, give us a call or stop by Heartland Ford. After all, we’re the heart of all things Ford in Alberta!