We can’t think of a time anyone has ever been excited about stopping for gas, but with rising fuel prices that pain at the pump is just getting worse and worse. While a number of factors outside of our control will always be at play in determining how much fuel costs, there are a few factors—eight, to be exact—that you can take into your own hands to help you improve your efficiency and save on fuel costs. Read on to learn what those are, with your source for all things automotive in Alberta: Heartland Ford

Fuel Efficiency Tips & Tricks

Want to get more out of a tank of gas? Follow these 8 tips, and you’ll be able to cut down on how often you have to stop at the pump.

  • Properly Inflate Your Tires
  • Drive In A Smooth & Controlled Manner
  • Minimize Drag/Weight
  • Follow Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule
  • Car Pool
  • Be Strategic
  • Don’t Idle
  • Explore More Fuel Efficient Options

1. Properly Inflate Your Tires

Every part of your vehicle has been specially engineered to ensure optimal performance, and that includes your tires. When your tires aren’t properly inflated to the recommended temperature, you’ll burn more fuel every time you drive. Make a habit of checking your tire pressure once a month, and refilling them with air if need be. You also may want to look into tire wear and alignment, as these can also sap fuel while you drive.

2. Drive In A Smooth & Controlled Manner

We know that Drive To Survive is an incredibly exciting show, and it may even leave you wanting to explore your inner F1 driver, but this is a surefire way to burn through fuel as fast as possible. Whether it’s accelerating too quickly, speeding, or slamming on the brakes, erratic driving is a huge source of decreased fuel economy—by as much as 15%. By slowly accelerating, and utilizing your vehicle’s engine brakes (if equipped with a manual transmission or manual mode on your automatic), you can help improve your fuel efficiency.

3. Minimize Drag/Weigh

Once again, your vehicle has been engineered to perform in its most efficient manner, but when you add things like bike racks or other accessories you’re adding drag to your vehicle. Similarly, carrying extra weight is a good way to weigh down your vehicle and your fuel efficiency. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, like if you’re towing something in your pickup, but it’s a good practice to remove any extraneous things from your vehicle so that it’s as light as possible.

4. Follow Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule

By ensuring that your vehicle is properly maintained, i.e. following the recommended service intervals and maintenance schedule, your vehicle will perform its absolute best. That means it will be at its most efficient, and won’t burn through unnecessary amounts of fuel when you’re driving.

5. Car Pool

Carpooling is the act of sharing a vehicle to drive multiple people to the same destination. This could mean a hockey practice, or on the way to work. By using only one vehicle, rather than multiple, you’ll be using up less fuel altogether. Just make sure that your fellow carpoolers are either taking a turn driving, or chipping in for gas money.

6. Be Strategic

By strategically planning out your errands beforehand, you can not only get more done but you’ll do it in a more efficient manner, saving yourself from multiple single trips or extended trips in opposite directions. Plus, you’ll save yourself more time for whatever it is you like to do!

7. Don’t Idle

Idling your vehicle is when you let it run without actually driving anywhere. Not only is this harmful for the environment, but it will burn through a ton of fuel. And while you may have had someone tell you in the past that turning your vehicle on and off will result in wear and tear on your starter and/or battery, that’s a bit of a myth, with the money you save on fuel over time more than offsetting any potential increase in maintenance costs.

8. Explore More Fuel Efficient Options

Maybe easier said than done, but driving a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle is also an easy way to save money on gas. Unless you need that big, eight-cylinder engine in your pickup for work, explore some of the more fuel-efficient options available. Of course, there’s no shortage of new Ford vehicles that combine exceptional performance with fuel efficiency, like the 2022 Ford Maverick with an estimated 800-kilometre range, or the incredibly sporty Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a Mustang or a Maverick, there are plenty of ways you can improve the fuel efficiency of your Ford. If you have any questions about what you’ve read above, or want to explore some of the new, more efficient options in the Ford lineup, simply stop by Heartland Ford, today!