A man and a woman carrying a heavy rug and accessing the hands-free liftgate system of the 2022 Ford EscapeFord makes accessing the trunk or cargo area easier with its technologically advanced hands-free power liftgate feature. It makes opening and closing the liftgate convenient without having to press any buttons or using your hands, which is especially helpful when carrying heavy groceries, multiple pieces of luggage, household items or holding your baby(s). Read on to follow a step-by-step guide on using the hands-free foot-activated liftgate on your Ford vehicle at Heartland Ford

Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Advanced Hands-Free Liftgate 

Almost every latest Ford vehicle comes equipped with the hands-free foot-activated liftgate option that, indeed, makes your life easier and more convenient. You can choose to use the liftgate button available on the steering wheel, instrument cluster or front console (location may vary depending on the vehicle type and trim level) or follow the steps below to open or close the liftgate, hands-free. 

  • Stand at the rear of your vehicle near the liftgate with the car key in range 
  • Now, move your leg back and forth below the centre of the back bumper underneath the license plate
  • Step back a little and wait for the liftgate to open for your use
  • When you’re done loading or unloading your belongings in the cargo space, move your leg under the bumper to close the gate. 

Some Important Instructions to Keep In Mind 

While accessing the power liftgate feature, please keep the following instruction on the top of your mind to make the most of this advanced feature. 

  • Keep the key fob outside of your Ford vehicle but within 3 feet of the liftgate
  • Always spare some room for the gate to open after you kick under the rear bumper
  • Remain patient as there may be a slight delay before the liftgate opens
  • Alternatively to kicking below the liftgate, you can also push the liftgate button available underneath the liftgate, or use the button on the key fob to close the gate

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