Although it’s sometimes tough to tell thanks to the April snowstorms, but spring is on its way. And with that in mind there are a number of small things you can do to get your Ford ready for spring in Alberta, so that you can get the most out of it while enjoying the warmer weather. Read on to learn how to get your ride ready for spring with the heart of all things Ford in Alberta: Heartland Ford!

7 Easy Steps To Get Ready For Spring

Follow these seven simple steps, and you’ll be ready to enjoy every drive as the weather gets warmer.

  • Swap your tires
  • Check your wheel alignment
  • Check your brakes and brake pads
  • Check your suspension
  • Swap your wiper blades
  • Get an oil change
  • Clean your vehicle
Swap your tires

1. Swap your tires

While you’ll usually hear lots of talk about the importance of switching to winter tires when the temperature starts to dip, it’s also incredibly important to swap back to more seasonally-appropriate tires come spring. This allows you to keep your winter tires in better condition, while improving your gas mileage and handling. The magic number to remember is 7 degrees Celsius; if the temperature is above 7 degrees, it’s time for summer or all-season tires. If it’s below, you’ll still want winter tires.

2. Check your wheel alignment

From potholes to missing chunks of ice in the road, winter can do a number on your wheel alignment, resulting in everything from uneven tire wear, to an increase in road noise, vibrations, or even a decrease in fuel efficiency. But a quick wheel alignment will be sure to set you straight for spring.

Check your wheel alignment

3. Check your brakes and brake pads

Over the course of winter there are a lot of contaminants that make their way onto the road—and into your brake system—with salt and sand being two of the worst offenders. By checking, cleaning, or replacing your brakes and brake pads, you’ll get better results on the road while avoiding premature wear and tear. Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to do when your vehicle is lifted up to have your wheels swapped and your alignment checked!

4. Check your suspension

Similar to the damage sustained by your brake system, winter will take a heavy toll on the exposed portions of your vehicle’s suspension system. A quick check of important components like your steering, steering linkage, and ball joints can make a huge difference in the feel and performance of your vehicle.


5. Swap your wiper blades

Your wiper blades will get quite the workout over the course of a winter and can warp, causing them to improperly handle any spring showers. A cheap and easy fix on your own, or at our service department, you’ll want to replace your wiper blades when you notice they start to leave streaks on your windshield.

6. Get an oil change

Much like tires, engine oil and other fluids in your vehicle will be specially-tuned to handle different temperature ranges—especially when we consider the extreme changes and cold we face during winter in Alberta. A quick oil change at the start of spring will ensure that you’ve got the optimal fluids in your vehicle to provide the best performance out of your Ford (and to avoid engine damage). This will also give our service technicians a chance to ensure that other fluids, like power steering, brake, transmission, and engine coolant, are properly stocked up.


7. Clean your vehicle

We’ve talked about this with your brake system and suspension, but it bears repeating: winter is tough on your vehicle. A thorough cleaning, both inside and out, will help to avoid damage and funky smells. Whether it’s a good exterior wash to remove all of the road salt, or an interior detailing to get rid of all the things you track into your vehicle during the winter, you’ll want to give your vehicle a good cleaning once spring rolls around.

Follow these seven steps, and you’ll be ready to hit the road come spring! For more information on how to get the most out of your Ford, stay tuned to our blog for all sorts of helpful tips, or visit a member of our team at Heartland Ford in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta!