Top Ford SUV
We’ve looked at the top Ford truck accessories in Alberta, but what about the province's second favourite bodystyle? Offering amazing utility and storage alongside a more comfortable, passenger-friendly ride, the SUV has proven to be an elegant choice for those needing a bit more versatility in their commute. Much like pickup trucks, Ford offers a smart, wide selection of models ranging from the compact EcoSport to the massive Expedition, and everything in-between. While there is a huge variety of models and trims to choose from, some well designed accessories can make a huge difference when it comes to making your Ford SUV of choice that much more convenient and tailored to your lifestyle. So read on to learn more about the top Ford SUV accessories available at Fort Saskatchewan’s very own Heartland Ford!

The Best Ford SUV Accessories by Category

Making it a bit easier to manage all of the different parts and accessories available for your Ford SUV or crossover, we’ve broken down our top choices by interior and exterior options, as well as protection and safety.


Top Interior Accessories for your Ford SUV or Crossover

Protecting the interior of your Ford SUV or crossover is an easy way to enjoy the quality materials found within it, along with maintaining its resale value. Key accessories available at Heartland Ford include:

Floor mats and cargo area covers: featuring weatherproof materials that lock into place and help to avoid damage, there are a variety of floor and cargo area cover choices for each Ford model. Not only do these help protect the interior of your vehicle, but they make it easier to clean as well—great when you’re more focused on your weekend adventures than keeping things clean.

Floor mats and cargo area covers
Seat covers

Seat covers: this is another simple way to keep the look of your Ford SUV intact, while avoiding damage and making things easy to clean.

Cargo area organization: whether you’re trying to keep sports bags and groceries organized during the week, or camping gear organized on the weekend, there are a few smart organization systems available for your Ford.

Cargo area organization
Pet barriers kennels

Pet barriers/kennels: want to bring your four-legged friends along for the ride? Help keep them contained (along with their fur) thanks to one of the Ford-specific pet barriers or kennels.

Top Exterior Accessories for your Ford SUV or Crossover

Want to protect the integrity of your SUV’s exterior, or simply looking to add even more cargo space? We’ve got you covered thanks to an array of exterior accessory options for your Ford:

Splash guards & mud flaps: helping protect the paint on your Ford SUV or crossover is a must, whether you’re just commuting through the rough, seasonal Alberta roads or taking your SUV on an off road adventure.

Splash guards & mud flaps
Roof-mounted storage

Roof-mounted storage: one of the best things about driving an SUV is that you have plenty of space to carry both people and cargo, but even then some cargo simply won’t fit. Add to your storage capabilities with roof-mounted options like bicycle carriers, kayak carriers, and lockable storage.

Top Protection & Safety Accessories for your Ford SUV or Crossover

Protecting your investment is always a wise choice, as is protecting your health and the health of your vehicle. That’s why we offer a few excellent choices when it comes to protection and safety accessories for your Ford:

  • Dash cams: with options ranging from forward-facing dash cams to rear-facing and infrared, a dash cam can provide evidence of vehicle tampering or simply corroborate your story in the event of an accident.
  • First Aid kits: if you’re not confident packing your own first aid kit, then pick up one of the well-stocked Ford versions to provide peace-of-mind when you’re out on the road.
  • Lockable vehicle safes: if you need to leave something of major value inside your vehicle, whether it’s while you’re running errands or at a campground, one of the lockable vehicle safes offered by Ford can give you the confidence to leave it behind without worrying about theft.

Heartland Ford offers a wide variety of accessories meant to help you protect your vehicle both inside and out, as well as your personal effects—and that doesn’t even cover the different accessories available to help make your Ford SUV or crossover unique to you! To learn more about all of the accessories available for your vehicle, or explore the different options and prices, go to our accessories page or simply stop by Heartland Ford where a member of our team can help you outfit your Ford SUV or crossover.