There are many different vehicle tires on the market today, and while their names may be self-explanatory, it’s a good idea to remind yourself of the purpose of these different types and the necessity to utilize them both. Both all-season and winter tires have their own specific advantages, tied to different seasons of the year (unlike what the “all-season” moniker might suggest), so follow along with our team here at Heartland Ford as we outline them both.


What are All-Season Tires?

All-season tires live up to their name in that they’re tires adequately primed to tackle any season of the year. The key word there is “adequately,” as all-season tires have general advantages to combat any season of spring, summer, fall and winter, they don’t provide the best performance for those particular seasons, unlike summer and winter tires for their respective season. These tires may be great for an environment that sees little change throughout the year in terms of weather, but here in Fort Saskatchewan, we know that’s not the case. While all-season tires may be fine when there isn’t snow or ice on the ground, to get the full level of performance, safety and control during these winter months you’ll need to upgrade to something more specialized, like a winter tire.

All-Season Tire Benefits

  • Hard rubber
  • Focus on fuel efficiency and quiet ride thanks to a unique tread design
  • Easily pushes water to the side, perfect for summer rainstorms
  • Prioritizes ride comfort and maneuverability, due to strong sidewalls

What are Winter Tires?

If an all-season tire is more of a “general-use” tire then a winter tire is definitely a specific use tire. A specific use in the winter months, which here in Alberta is a huge chunk of our year, so you’ll be using them for a long time during the cold winter months. Winter tires are specially designed to fight the rigours of cold weather driving, with soft rubber and comprehensive treads that can grip onto the snow and ice that accumulates on the road below. As strong as winter tires are in the winter, they aren’t as such in the warm weather months when all-season tires can strive, given the winter tire’s inability to stand up in the heat.


Winter Tire Benefits

  • Soft rubber for a flexible grip
  • Advanced tread patterns for exceptional traction
  • Treads designed to push away both snow and slush
  • Better stopping distance on snow and ice

Shop the Right Tires for the Season at Heartland Ford

If you’re still unsure of what type or brand of tires you should get for your Ford, our service & parts teams here at Heartland Ford are more than happy to walk you through the entire shopping and swapping process. Not only will we help you find the next set for your Ford for the given season, but will also put them on for you as well. Living in Alberta demands that you have the right tires for the season, and your local Fort Saskatchewan Ford dealership here at Heartland Ford will ensure you’re ready for whatever comes your way on the road.