Exterior While the 2022 Ford Explorer was built with everyday utility in mind, it was executed with show-stopping style. Athletic styling and an aggressive stance underscore the potent and powerful performance of this stellar SUV. Signature headlamps with LED lighting help the Explorer shine, while the sculpted front and rear fascia provide sleek detail. Chrome bodyside cladding sits just below the aerodynamic curves found on the door panels, leading to the rear of the Explorer where LED taillights and a body-colour liftgate spoiler do everything but spoil the sleek look of this ruggedly handsome SUV. For those that enjoy the athletic looks of the Explorer ST, but don’t need all that horsepower, the new Explorer ST-Line trim offers up aggressive styling cues alongside a more economical engine. Conversely, those planning on taking their Explorer off the beaten path will love the look and performance of the Timberline trim, offering improved ground clearance and underbody skid plates to go along with a unique interior and exterior details.Searching for the new family car means shopping safety-first. That’s why the Ford Explorer is a fantastic choice. This SUV is equipped with the latest in driver assistance and collision prevention technology to keep you in control and your family safe. The team at Heartland Ford is proud to host the 2023 Explorer in our showroom and would like to take some time to help you navigate its advanced safety features.  

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Ford Co-Pilot360 10

The Ford Co-Pilot360 system is Ford’s most advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies designed to prevent collisions, avoid hazards, and mitigate damage should you encounter the unexpected. Drive with the utmost confidence when this Co-Pilot is with you.  

Standard Features

The Co-Pilot360 10 suite comes standard on all Ford Explorers for uncompromising safety using semi-automated driver support and alert systems. These systems include: 

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with Cross-Traffic Alert: A good blind spotter is a good co-pilot and the BLIS system is just that. If you should happen to miss something, this feature will immediately warn you when a vehicle enters your blind spot during a lane change or turn. Additionally, the Cross-Traffic Alert feature will tell you of any vehicles or obstacles behind you when reversing. 

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking: This system of sensors and cameras will alert you if it detects a potential collision due to a vehicle, object, or pedestrian in your immediate path. Moreover, if your response time is too slow, it will activate a controlled emergency braking sequence to prevent the collision or mitigate the damage if an impact becomes unavoidable.   

Lane-Keeping System: We all get distracted behind the wheel from time to time. Whether from fatigue or a spilled cup of coffee, straying from your lane is still a danger to yourself and others. The Lane-Keeping System will alert you if you begin to drift from the lines with audio cues. If your drifting is happening repeatedly indicating a sleepy driver, the system will let you know it’s time to take a break with visual cues.  

Rear View Camera: Take the guesswork and neck strain out of reversing with this self-cleaning camera. See and navigate the space behind your vehicle perfectly without ever having to readjust. 

Auto High-Beam Headlamps: See clearly and confidently while these high-beams automatically adjust between poor and fair lighting conditions without blinding oncoming drivers on the road. 

Ford Explorer LimitedAvailable Features

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control: Whether you’re sitting in stop-and-go traffic or wishing for a break on a long highway stretch, this feature is a great ally. Your vehicle will automatically adjust to the pace of the surrounding traffic, keep a safe distance, and observe the local speed limit.    

Reverse Brake Assist: Much like Cross-Traffic Alert, the Reverse Brake Assist feature can detect objects, vehicles, and pedestrians behind your vehicle when reversing and alert you to the situation. However, this system will apply the brakes to prevent a collision should you not respond fast enough to the alert. 

Auto safety has improved dramatically over the past 15 years and Ford has been at the forefront of it all. The Ford Explorer is clearly a very safe SUV and a great choice for families shopping safety-first. If you’d like to learn more about the Ford Co-Pilot360 10 safety suite or any safety features found in the Ford lineup, come see us at Heartland Ford. We care about our customers enormously, and that means helping you stay safe.