2022 Ford Super Duty

Known as one of the toughest and most capable pickups on the market today, the Ford Super Duty dominates job sites with its superior max towing and payload capacities—of course, that’s in addition to its impressive efficiency, reliability, and cabin comfort. Read on to learn more about just how truly capable the 2022 Ford Super Duty is, courtesy of the team at Fort Saskatchewan’s Heartland Ford!

What are the max towing and payload capacities for the 2022 Super Duty?

With an impressive range of models, from the base 2022 Ford Super Duty F-250 XL all the way to the top of the line F-450 Limited, there’s also an impressive range of towing and payload abilities available throughout the lineup. Not only that, but it all depends on what you’re using your truck for. Whether you’re hauling dirt and supplies from job site to job site, or testing the limits of your Ford pickup truck’s towing capabilities, you’ll have different needs from your truck than another customer—which is why we always suggest having you chat with one of the truck experts at Heartland Ford about what you plan on using your truck for. However, we do have a chart below showcasing the maximum towing and payload capacities for the 2022 Ford Super Duty lineup in a variety of situations.

Activity Type Max. rating
Conventional towing  24,200 lbs/10,976 kg
5th-wheel towing 32,500 lbs/14,741 kg
Gooseneck towing 37,000 lbs/16,782 kg
Payload 7,850 lbs/3,560 kg
GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) 45,300 lbs/19,731 kg

2022 Ford Super Duty

What factors impact towing and payload capacity in a pickup truck?

The max tow rating of any Ford F-Series pickup truck is mainly determined by the choice of engine under the hood of said truck, with a larger more powerful engine—in the case of the Super Duty series, the 6.7-litre Power Stroke or 7.3-litre gas V8 are rated higher than the 6.2-litre gas V8 option—often providing more towing capacity. Though, once again, it’s in your best interest to take to a member of our team, as there are a ton of different factors that play into towing. For example, diesel-powered engines tend to have more torque than their equivalent gas-powered counterparts, and will provide a bit more efficient performance when towing—so if you tend to tow large loads over longer distances, a diesel engine might help you save in fuel over the long haul (no pun intended). Of course, there are other factors to consider, including your truck’s rear axle (single-rear wheels vs dual-rear wheels) or axle ratio.

What 2022 Ford Super Duty has the highest towing capacity?

If sheer volume is your biggest concern, then a 2022 Ford Super Duty F-450 4x2, equipped with a 6.7-litre Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel V8 engine, and dual-rear wheels with a 4.3 axle ratio will help you achieve the upper limits of what’s possible in a Ford F-Series pickup truck. Of course, this is why we suggest that you speak with a member of our team, since we can help you determine which version of the Super Duty lineup will help you get the most out of your pickup for your unique needs.

2022 Ford Super Duty

To learn more about any of the trucks in the Ford model lineup, including the F-150, Super Duty, or award-winning Maverick, simply explore the links above or give us a call. Because not only is Heartland Ford the place to find Fort Saskatchewan’s foremost truck experts, but we’re also the heart of all things Ford in Alberta!