2022 President’s Award

What the Presidents Award Means

The President's Award means that you, our customer, can be assured that we care about you and your vehicle.

The President's award is given out to the Dealerships in Canada that have achieved the highest customer satisfaction throughout the year. For us to have earned Ford of Canada's highest award, our team has had to focus on the needs of our customers and deliver a great experience consistently and with great care.

The only way this award can be won is by having an incredible team that works every day to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. The team at Heartland Ford is proud to have won such an award but we're even more proud that it's a reflection of the work we do for you, our customer.

You are always welcome at Heartland Ford and we hope you'll come see us soon.

What The President’s Award Means To Us

At our family-owned dealership, we have an exceptional team that views both our customers and each other as part of a family. This familial approach means that we lend a helping hand during busy times and offer support to one another when the need arises.

The attainment of the President's Award serves as validation that our collaborative efforts are acknowledged and appreciated by both our loyal customers and Ford Canada. It signifies that we can celebrate this remarkable accomplishment together, as a team and as a family, while individually reflecting on what this award means to us as a customer.

Most importantly, it strengthens our unwavering commitment to our customers by reaffirming that hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed and that we will continue to provide exceptional service each day.