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My experience at Heartland Ford began when I purchased a used vehicle from a private individual and engine noise lead me to bring it in to have it checked out. The technicians worked diligently with Ford to replace numerous items that were typical for this particular make and model. Basem kept in touch to keep me in the loop and after a week of replacing one part after another they finally got the engine to quiet down. Talking with Basem he explained how frustrating this type of problem can be for the techs yet they kept on it, which I greatly appreciated. Unfortunately a couple of weeks later the problem came back seemingly worse and I placed a call into the dealership. I spoke with another individual (Basem was on vacation) who in turn spoke with the warranty administrator and he advised me there was nothing more that could be done. Frustrated that my warranty was expiring within a week or two I called Cory (service manager) and explained the situation. He was very positive and quite helpful. I met with hi

Chris had service done for their car in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.